Needs List

EGH relies greatly on the generosity of donors for many of the essential items needed to run the Day Center and Transitional Home. Imagine everything you need in your home on a daily basis. Now image providing that for a family of 50 – 60 women each day. Thanks to your support, EGH is able to meet the essential needs of women who are experiencing homelessness.

We will keep this page updated with lists of seasonal items needed. If you would like to speak with someone about an item or items you wish to donate to Elizabeth Gregory Home, or if you are planning a donation drive, please contact Elizabeth Stevenson at (206) 729-0262 ext.1006 or via email to for assistance. Thank you!

You can now shop the EGH Needs List online at Simply log in to your smile account,
we are listed as Elizabeth Home

Immediate Needs

We are currently seeking body wash, blankets, backpacks, women’s underwear sizes 5 – 15, and Poise pads and/ or Depends (large size).
Additionally, for the kitchen we need a variety of dry cereal, canned tuna, and Ziplock bags of all sizes.

Items Needed This Fall

School size backpacks
Blankets and sheets
Large – XXL cotton t-shirts
Sweaters and light jackets
Stretch Pants (larger sizes to XXXL)
Large size cotton or flannel nightgowns

Items Always Needed

Feminine hygiene itemslaundry time
Full size shampoo & conditioner
Women’s underwear sizes 5 – 15
Poise pads or Depends (large size)
Sweat pants and sweatshirts L – XXXL

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